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Read our product reviews of the Best Hand Mixers!

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Not everyone can withstand the appetizing snacks, tender side dish, a delicious desert or a glass of freshly squeezes juice. However, in the crazy rhythm of the city life more and more people strive to reduce cooking time to a minimum. But how can we combine a desire to please ourselves and loved ones with a tasty meal and at the same not spend hours in the kitchen? The answer is very simple: find yourself a little kitchen helper – a mixer.

The preparatory part, what happens with the food before cooking, is the most time-consuming in the process of cooking. The household devices are indispensible in the kitchen as they are taking over the cutting and chopping food, kneading dough, whipping and spinning juice. The selection of the device depends on your needs and food preferences.

If you stopped your choice on a mixer you should remember that various models of different brands have differences in the performance. In our hand mixers review we have tested seven different mixers in order to help you to select the best variant.


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KitchenAid KHB300ER Hand Blender Review

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So, during our best hand mixer review we have tested seven different models and found out the key points to which you should pay attention purchasing this device.

1) The power. The time of beating the products depends on this point. The more powerful mixer is, the faster the nozzles are spinning. Also, high-power mixers can beat thick products such as dough. While low-power ones can’t even work without a break for a long period of time.

2) The type of a mixer. Mixers can be hand and stationary. Hand mixers are more convenient because they are compact, simple and quick to clean, but during the mixing process you have to hold the mixer in your hand. Stationary mixers are more powerful and they completely free your hands, but at the same time they are more bulky and difficult to wash.

3) Mixers whip the food with nozzles, so you should pay attention to what nozzles are included in the purchase. The beater must be obligatory included.

To summarize:
We recommend KitchenAid KHB300ER Hand Blender as a device that combines the functions of mixer and blender. So you will be able not only to whip the products but also chop them.

And our best choice is Cuisinart HM-70 Hand Mixer. It is the perfect device for mixing different types of food. It excellently copes with the set tasks and has no unnecessary features. Purchasing this mixer you get the absolute quality and reliability.